“All for thank you, All for smiles” (The persuit of our goal)

Just as everyone matures and grows, we also follow the belief that our company continues to mature and grow.
Like how people undergo self-reform, we believe in ensuring that our company grows better each passing day.
Now we are looking for someone who wants to join us.


Full time : 40 – 45 hours


To give our customers happiness, and to maintain, achieve and develop a high standard of food quality, preparation and production. To keep a high standard of hygiene, adhere to health and safety regulations and company hygiene policies. In addition to train staff.

Staff whom we are looking for:

Who has experience or knowledge about Japanese food.
Is reliable, friendly and honest, wants to improve not only your own skills but also yourself and wants to help other people to improve as well.

Educational system:

The first 3 months you will join our training program. This is to help you understand our company’s goal. Through the program you will face the opportunity to grow your cooking knowledge, technique, and mentality.

Perks and Welfares:

■Health Insurance System *ACC will cover for injuries
■Staff Discount * at group restaurant
■Get-A-day-off-on-birthday system *valid for yours and your family member
■Qualification supporting system *NZ Licence Controlar Qualification *Manager’s Certificate
■Annual leaves *4 weeks per year
■Kiwi Saver

Apply for a job

To apply or for any inquiry, feel free to email us

Daruma Group