Key Word

Daruma Ramen is a Authentic ramen shop which uses housemade ingredients.
Our business mechanism suits the expanding style.

Key Concept

‐Shop Concept‐

We started of with this catch phrase “Authentic Ramen in New Zealand”.
Since we weren’t satisfied with the Ramen we made without using the ingredients that we were pleased with.
That’s when we decided to make our own factory for the ingredients we’re actually happy with.

‐Development Concept‐

You will be able to run your restaurant under total support from a successful company.
– Equipment introductions
– professionally designed facility operation system.
– Managing advice from professional super visor.
– Business administration advice.
– Suppressed food cost from group purchasing .
– Deliver significant ingredients from our factory.
– No need for experienced chef(easy hiring)
– Run with lower labour cost.


we have marked a shocking 120% increase in sales.


Due to the Ramen boom over the world, ramen has become almost as popular Sushi.
In New Zealand’s ramen market there has been a significant grow for the amount of ramen restaurants.
The sale of the ramen ingredients have grown 130% compared to last year.
Our restaurants sale has also increased 120% compared to last year.

Brand / Logo
Using the same logo as the popular Daruma Sushi,
we have accomplished to gather families, and students.
we have flag ship shops at populated areas to create a certain brand .
(1)product development
・provide menu strategies.
・Provide Product development and introductions.
・Training for new products explanatory ,tasting trial.
・Suggestion proper equipment
・Using our group’s purchasing
(3)opening support
・Support Store layout plan
・Coordinate equipment
・Training before opening
(4)Operation support
・Training for operation
・Super vising
・Follow up training
・Business administration support
・Provide operation tools
・QSCA check & Cleanliness / hygiene check
(5)Education Support
・Manager meeting for training
・Provide Promotion tools
Menu Design
branding strategy according to development level By adding new dishes seasonally,(keeping the menu fresh leading to attract customers) controlling the standard cost and head spend average ,on top of that we achieve strong sales and a high customer satisfactions.
Key Products

Important ingredients are delivered from our factory.

Interior Design

Proportion and collection of tables in harmony with Japanese street vendor
atmospheric décor and convenience.
Based on the strength of past achievement, carefully planned and designed interior by selecting the most effective layout for the location.

Support Tolls
(1)Order form (4)Analysis tool
(2)Recipes (5)Promotion tools
(3)Instructions (6)Preparation list
others etc…

Initial Investment
Admission fee for Franchise
Training fee
Exterior, Interior, Design
Other Costs

Contact us for further information

Profit Model

Achieve a high profit percentage.
Contact us for further information.

Company Information


Sep For Opening Store

after confirming the location you can open in 3 months

(1)Contact us anytime
(2)Visit our office and our model shop
taking a look at our shop and tasting a meals. Discuss about what you want to do.
(3)Checking applications
(4)Apply for franchise
understanding our franchise system
(5)Choose a location
looking for a matching location and invest the location
(6)Contract franchise
After lease contract ,contract franchise
Lecture at previously existing restaurant
(8)Preparation for open
Apply for licences, shop construction, hiring staff, purchasing equipment and ingredients
Support for franchise owner and for the staff.