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Customer Voice 2018.12-4

Peter & Nk

1-1. Why do you choose Daruma Ramen?

– High recommended from my boyfriend.
– We are Ramen Lover
– One of the Best Ramen in New Zealand

2-1. What is your favourite menu in Daruma?

– Tonkotsu Ramen always
– Kaisen Chicken Ramen
– Chicken Karaage
– Pork Gyoza
– Black Garlic (Topping)

2-2. Why do you like these menu?

– It’s very tasty, broth of pork.
– Love topping, because I am Garlic Lover as well.
– If I would like to add the different flavour, it’s good.
– I like Kaisen Chicken Ramen because I like seafood stuff.

2-3. Have you ever tried something like this Kaisen Stock Ramen before?

– I never eaten Kaisen taste ramen before I had came here but now I’m keen on it!!

3-1. How and when do you come to Daruma Ramen?

– We work weekday then use Daruma Ramen for “Charging Energy” every weekend but also Daruma feels like being in Japan, cool Japanese vibes here!

4-1. How do you choose the restaurant?

– Price, Service, Variety of Choice

5-1. Message for new customer

– If you wanna try the best Ramen in town, come to Daruma Ramen.
– If you wanna try the best Chicken Karaage in town, come to Daruma Ramen.

6-1. Request for Daruma Ramen

– Sushi option
– Noodle option (rice noodle, soba noodle and so on)


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