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Customer Voice 2018.12-1

Wong Family

1-1. Why do you choose Daruma Sushi?

– Kids like to see the sushi.
– So much fun as sushi go around.
– Only wait a seat but once a seat, we can take a sushi straight away.

2-1. What is your favourite menu here? Why?

– Kids meal / udon one
– For adult, scallop and salmon
– Small portion, individual, fresh sashimi for adult.
– Kids always take deep fry things and cooked one.

3-1. How and when do you use Daruma Sushi?

– Lunch time, weekend
– Daytime is busy and kids normally sleep early, so we come lunch time.
– We go shopping cowntdown next door, we order everything by online and pick up, so we come here while waiting.

3-2. How do you organize kids party / What do you eat?

– We have some kid’s love food, pizza, sushi.
– Small thin roll is good for kids.

4-1. What the good point, how do you choose the restaurant?

– Kids friendly
– Kids meal
– Polite service
– Good entertainment

5-1. Good point and recommendation for Daruma Sushi.

– Sushi Train is only city, not around this area, only place here.

6-1. What is your request for our restaurant?

– For kids meal, not salty please compare to adult teste.
– Toy section for kids, so we can stay more time.
– For kids meal, Japanese toy, fries, lolly. More authentic
– more advertise